The impression of the foreign lecturers on Binh Duong University

Currently, many foreign lecturers have chosen Vietnam for their teaching career and their studies, of whom some have even choosen Binh Duong University as a second hometown. They come from nations with highly-developed education, so with this new educational environment, there are drawbacks and advantages for them. How do they and feel about the country of Vietnam, through the people and schools where they are working? To understand better, let's look through their comments, where they share with us their hearts below:

1. Chet Legenza

I have taught at BDU on three separate occasions and was quite impressed with the MBA students.  They have a strong desire to learn the materials and Western way of doing business.  I was pleased to see the level of in class participation increase each time I taught a class and the English speaking ability of the students improved as well.  
Chet Legenza

There are very few universities that offer English speaking MBA programs and this allows the students of BDU to have a competitive advantage over others in your country.  As Vietnam continues to grow and develop relationships with other countries conducting business in Vietnam, the graduates should be in a strong position to secure managerial positions that require both an MBA and English speaking ability.  
I feel honored and privileged to have played a small part in the future careers of the university's student body.

2. Wayne Young :  Australia  
  “My employment commenced on the 2nd of September, 2010, and is on-going.  
  The staff and fellow teachers are very friendly and helpful. Sometimes they (not teachers) may not understand me completely but there is usually someone close-by who can interpret.  
  Working at so many different locations and traveling so much can be tiring. I often joke that we are  “mobile teachers”. However, seeing the childrens’ smiling faces, because they are so happy to see me, more than compensates for it. 
wayne young
  I also teach some CE classes in the evening which is very enjoyable as I am teaching adults.  I live in HCMC, so they do try to schedule only one shift for me, however there are some double shifts which means I don't get home until quite late. Fortunately, this is only once a week. I appreciate the acknowledgment of my traveling.   Overall I have found the experience very rewarding and satisfying and am very happy to continue my teaching at BDU ¨C Bolt.”

3. Dan:  Filipino
 “BOLT has a friendly environment from the guard,cleaner,counselors to teachers and TA's. BOLT has a very good program in terms of teaching English.
BOLT is providing all the materials needed by the teacher in his/her lessons. BOLT helps us with our concerns. It is easy to deal with the people around BOLT specially the bosses.”

4. Adeline:  Filipino
  BOLT’s high points: “Harmonious relationship between  TAs and teachers Good educators environment  Friendly/ helpful  staff.”